SUP, Scale-UP Marketing Platform Token

Thank you to the members who support the Token Economy Platform, SMATOOS.

The Scale-UP Marketing Platform (SUP) token is introduced exclusively through SMATOOS Launchpad.

This is an exchange event, where BNV token holders can get SUP token.

Scale-UP marketing platform which boosts good product and filters out bad products.

The market for new ideas and products such as Wadiz and Kakao makers is growing rapidly. Scale-UP Marketing Platform (SUP) is a scale-up platform where users verify new IT products, new ideas, and crowdfunded products to help good products to scale-up. If Wadiz is a platform that provides crowdfunding opportunities, the Scale-UP Marketing Platform is a platform that reviews various products launched in the market through its token economy which helps promote high quality products.

Although the crowdfunding market has grown, in recent years, excessive marketing of products that are lacking in quality has become a problem due to the side effects of rapid market growth. Companies that do not use online marketing also have difficulty in launching new products or paying more expensive costs. Scale-UP Marketing Platform is a marketing platform that helps promote good products through reviews generated from Token Economy.

Scale-UP Marketing Platform Service

  • Recommending Good Products

Participants recommend, review good products, and help word-of-mouth and marketing. They receive token reward for such actions.  

  • Reporting Bad Products

Participants report bad products and exaggerated advertising products, and rewarded with tokens.

SUP Token Introduction


Scale-UP Marketing Platform

Scale-Up good product and filter out bad product with working Token Economy.

Launch in South Korea, will expand globally



Service Name

Service Overview

Service Location

Token Type

Total Supply

Token Contract Address

BNV : SUP Exchange Rate

  • BNV : SUP = 1 : 5 (1st Round : 2020/1/23 - 2020/1/29 )

  • BNV : SUP = 1 : 3 (2nd Round : 2020/1/30 - 2020/2/5 )

  • BNV : SUP = 1 : 2 (3rd Round : 2020/2/6 - 2020/2/12)

Service Launch Date

  • In the first half of 2020

SMATOOS Hongkong

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