SMATOOS SMTS Token User Guide

Thank you for using the SMATOOS Reward Platform.

SMATOOS offers a variety of services that reward users. And users can consume tokens, including SMATOOS and SMATOOS Partners' tokens, in a fun way.

SMTS Token is mainly used for rewards and missions on the SMATOOS Reward Platform!

Today, we will introduce you to various ways to utilize SMTS tokens.

Trading SMTS

SMTS tokens are currently listed on the Dcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange.

You can trade on the SMTS/USDT market on the Dcoin exchange.

a) Sign-up on the Dcoin Exchange

b) Deposit BTC into Dcoin Exchange

c) Sell BTC in BTC/USDT Market

d) Buy SMTS in SMTS/USDT Market

Creating SMATOOS Wallet

SMTS tokens are exchanged in the SMATOOS Wallet when using the SMATOOS service. You need to sign up for the SMATOOS wallet separately from the SMATOOS website, and it should be connected to the ChainBridge wallet.

a) Download the Chainbridge app and sign up

b) Sign up for SMATOOS Wallet

SMATOOS Wallet Instruction eng_new
Download PDF • 562KB

c) Link SMATOOS Wallet to Chainbridge

Charging SMTS token through Chainbridge app

SMTS token can be stored safe and convenient in the Chainbridge wallet connected to your SMATOOS wallet. After various 'reward for action' missions of SMATOOS, tokens will be sent to your Chainbridge wallet connected to the SMATOOS wallet. If you purchased SMTS from Dcoin, you can deposit SMTS to the Chainbridge app first and then use various premium services of SMATOOS.

a) Check the SMTS deposit address within the Chainbridge app

b) Withdraw SMTS from Dcoin exchange to Chainbridge Deposit Address

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