Rights and Policy of the Digital Real Estate - [SMATOOS PREMIUM BOXES]

1) SMATOOS compensates the owner of the asset for 100 SMTS each time a premium box is opened (sold).

e.g.) 500,000 SMTS will be paid if users open 5,000 premium boxes in total this week.

2) The period of granting rights.

8 weeks (56 days) from the first payment

3) SMATOOS offers at least 4,000 premium boxes a week.

- It does not guarantee the number of boxes to be sold.

- Provide additional boxes if 4,000 boxes are sold out early.

4) Owners may transfer assets to others prior to the grant period.

5) SMATOOS will refund 100% of the final bidding amount to the owner after the grant period and the asset will be transferred to SMATOOS.

6) If SMATOOS wishes to acquire the asset early before the period of granting rights, SMATOOS must make a notice to official telegram channel informing the reason and pay the owner 200% of the bid amount and take over early.

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