What is the Ethereum (ETH) price on February 20, 020? *Finished *Reward Completed

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The prediction reward was successfully sent to those who participated in the prediction session. Thank you all for your participation!

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What is the Ethereum price on 2020/Mar/05?

What is the Bitcoin price on 2020/Mar/05?

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Three issues must be solved in the prediction of the price of goods according to collective intelligence:

First, due rewards for the right predictions must be sent to filter out unwary predictions.

Second, the future price of goods is strongly influenced by the current price. In other words, the price of Ethereum, which was 190 USDT today, is more likely to be between 180-200 USDT tomorrow than to be between 200-220 USDT. If you get an equal reward for all predictions, everyone will predict at the same price as the current price. This problem can be solved by rewarding more if someone chooses the answers chosen by fewer people.

Third, prediction for prices an hour later is much easier than prediction for prices 24 hours later. Therefore, we give bigger rewards to those who predict earlier than other people.

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