[Digital Assets Rights & Policy] SMATOOS - Official Telegram Channel

Updated: Jun 19

1. Digital Real Estate Name: SMATOOS - Official Telegram Channel

2. Related Service or Products: https://t.me/smatoos

3. Owner's Rights:

- SMATOOS pays 1 SMTS to owners of Digital Real Estate every week per each SUBSCRIBERs of related products.

- The number of SUBSCRIBERs is measured every Monday at 8 am (HKT).

- Payment will happen within 7 days after measurement.

e.g.) If the SUBSCRIBER of the related product is 100,000 at 8 am this Monday, 100,000 SMTS will be paid to the owner's SMATOOS wallet before 8am next Monday.

4. Transfer of Digital Real Estate

- The owner may transfer the digital property to another person using the SMATOOS Wallet.

- The compensation specified in paragraph 3 will be paid to the new owner's SMATOOS wallet from the second Monday after the transfer process has been approved by SMATOOS.

* The transfer process of Digital Real Estate will be notified in the future through the SMATOOS Telegram Channel Notice.

5. Interpretations of Provisions

- The final right to interpret the above provisions lies in SMATOOS Team


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