[Digital Assets Rights & Policy] Minerva Schools at KGI - Wikipedia Page

1. Digital Real Estate Name: Minerva Schools at KGI - Wikipedia Page

2. Related Service or Products: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minerva_Schools_at_KGI

3. Owner's Rights:

- SMATOOS pays 0.1 NEDU to owners of Digital Real Estate every week per PAGE VIEWS IN THE PAST 30 days of related products.

- The number of PAGE VIEWS is measured every Monday at 8 am (HKT).

- Payment will happen within 7 days after measurement.

e.g.) If the PAGE VIEWS of the related product is 100,000 at 8 am this Monday, 10,000 NEDU will be paid to the owner's SMATOOS wallet before 8 am of next Monday.

4. Transfer of Digital Real Estate

- The owner may transfer the digital property to another person using the SMATOOS Wallet.

- The compensation specified in paragraph 3 will be paid to the new owner's SMATOOS wallet from the second Monday at 8 am after the transfer process has been approved by SMATOOS.

* The transfer process of Digital Real Estate will be notified in the future through the SMATOOS Telegram Channel Notice.

5. Interpretations of Provisions

- The final right to interpret the above provisions lies in SMATOOS Team.

- If SMATOOS determines that the owner of the asset has manipulated the page view of the relevant service for an increase in compensation, SMATOOS may disclose the facts and confiscate the asset.

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