NEDU, New Education Information News Token

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The New Education Information News (NEDU) Token, launched by the New Education Information News for students and parents, is introduced exclusively through SMATOOS Launchpad.


This is an exchange event, where BNV token holders can get NEDU token.

Introduction to the new educational information newspaper for students and parents


Existing education-related newspapers such as university newspapers have been mainly written by universities and educational service providers. But what is important in education is students and parents who are the consumers in the education industry. The New Education Information News is the latest education information newspaper for students and parents.


  • Seoul Media Registration Number : 서울 아 52653



The New Education Information News provides the latest information needed from the perspective of students and parents, because the most important thing for students who are worried about going to school and getting a job is information.



The New Education Information News will provide NEDU tokens to high-quality educational columnists through NEDU token, and some of the advertisement revenue will be used to purchase NEDU tokens listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

NEDU Token Economy Abstract

The New Education Information News cultivate quality contents as well as contents providers from univerisities, professionals through its Token Economy fueled by NEDU. For example, a college student at Hanyang University writes an article about Hanyang University's life, a lawyer tells the latest information on the law firm market, and a person at Hyundai Motors delivers the latest information of Hyundai Motors.  

The main target advertisers for the New Education Information News are universities, online/offline education companies, and publishers nationwide. Certain portion of the advertisement revenue of the New Education Information News is going to be used to purchase NEDU tokens from the exchange.




NEDU Token Introduction


The educational information newspaper from the perspective of students and parents

Token Economy based on content production and advertisement

South Korea


5 billion

Service Name

Service Overview

Service Location

Token Type

Total Supply

Token Contract Address

BNV : NEDU Exchange Rate

  • BNV : NEDU = 1 : 10 (1st Round : 2020/1/23 - 2020/1/29 )

  • BNV : NEDU = 1 : 5 (2nd Round : 2020/1/30 - 2020/2/5 )

  • BNV : NEDU = 1 : 2 (3rd Round : 2020/2/6 - 2020/2/12)

Service Launch Date

NEDU Token Economy Launch Date

  • In the first half of 2020

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